Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a digital photography marketplace built on the Hive blockchain.
What does offer?
The Hive blockchain is optimal for NFT trading. Transactions are free and 3 second block times means all transactions resolve very quickly.
What is an NFT?
NFT stands for non-fungible token. Anytime you have a token and you're keeping track of more details than who owns them and how many, then you have a non-fungible token. In this case we're keeping track of the art, who owns it, when it was created, a description etc. All of that data lives in the token, which is what you're purchasing when you buy the art. More info at Wikipedia
How much does it cost?
NFT creation costs 0.5 SWAP.HIVE + 0.1 SWAP.HIVE per edition. Upon completion of the initial sale collects a 10% commission. Upon completion of secondary market sales collects a 10% comission and pays half of that as a royalty to the original artist.
How do I get started?
The first step is to create a Hive account and login with your keys.
To get a Hive account go to:
We suggest you store your keys in Hive-Keychain-
Mozilla Firefox

Here is a quick video tutorial explaining how to get a Hive account and install keychain:

What do I need to use
You will need a small amount of crypto to tokenize your first artwork. You may need a larger amount of crypto to start collecting art. Hive can be purchased on a number of exchanges such as, Bittrex Binance, Kraken, Huobi and more.
What is Hive-Engine and why do we need it?
Hive Engine is a smart contract platform built on the Hive Blockchain. One of the smart contracts on Hive-Engine is the NFT contract that uses to operate the digital marketplace.
What is Swap.Hive?
The Hive blockchain uses the HIVE cryptocurrency as the medium of exchange. Hive-Engine utilizes a HIVE backed token called "Swap.Hive" to execute all the smart contracts. To interact with users are required to convert Hive to SWAP.HIVE. You can do this at and sign in with the Hive Keychain browser extension you've already installed.
Contact and support
For all support needs please contact us in Discord

Blockchain and Digital Wallets

What is a blockchain?
A blockchain is an opensource and publicly available database that stores information in chunks called "blocks" every so often.
What is a digital wallet?
A wallet is a place where you can store your cryptocurrency.
What are keys?
Most regular websites require a username and password. Blockchains require you to have keys. Keys are long strings of numbers and letters that are unique to you. If you lose your keys you'll be unable to access your accounts.
What is a wallet address?
A wallet address is a particular Wallet. On Hive wallet addresses are stored as account names. So, a wallet address might be @juliakponsford or @aggroed.
What is HIVE?
HIVE is a cryptocurrency that powers the Hive blockchain.
What is hive power / RC credits?
On Hive you can own liquid HIVE or choose to stake (freeze it) as HIVE Power. Hive power grants you voting rights on the platform as well as resource credits. Resource credits are consumed when you do any action on the blockchain like make art NFTs or blog about the experience, and are regenerated over time when no actions are performed.
What is Keychain?
Hive Keychain is a browser extension that works with Chrome, Brave, and Mozilla to encrypt your keys within a browser. By using Keychain you can prevent your keys from ever being shared with a malicious website.
How Works.
On artists can create digital tokens with unique features that can be sold to collectors. Collectors can gather limited edition art pieces from popular artists. You can create, buy, sell and trade these tokens.
Who owns my creations?
As the creator of the token you have digital ownership of your work. When you sell the work you can choose a private sale or Full Commercial Rights. When the art is sold as Private the collector owns that single piece of art but does not have the right to reproduce it on other sites. If the creator chooses Full Commercial Rights then the collector has full commercial rights to reproduce the art for profit and display it on commercial sites.
Should I upload my high resolution digital files? currently allows uploads up to 30 mb. We suggest uploading the highest resolution possible while staying below that limit.
Where are my creations stored?
Art files are initially stored on the Hive image server managed by @blocktrades. As the project gains traction will have it's own image server.
Can I gift my creation?
Yes, and you can leave a custom note when gifting.

Selling on

What am I selling?
You are selling limited edition, collectible, art tokens.
How do I sell my creation?
After you issue the art you have the ability to list it for sale. For now you can set a "Buy it now" price, but in the future we'll add a bid option as well.
What is a Digital Edition?
Each individual print of a single piece of art is called a Digital Edition. If you issue your token with 15 copies then you have created a total of 15 Digital Editions.
Why is the sale price in SWAP.HIVE?
The smart contract platfrom Hive-Engine, which is the backend of the website, requires that all contracts be settled in SWAP.HIVE.
If I sell using, can I sell the same creations elsewhere?
By creating an NFT with a specified number of editions you are ensuring the scarcity of your art for your buyers. Once an item is tokenized it's important you do not tokenize the same creation again as that will negatively affect the value of your artwork and reputation.
We reserve the right to restrict access to if an artist is caught fraudently issuing additional tokens of the same creation.
What can I do with the SWAP.HIVE I earn?
You can trade it for goods and services, you can exchange it for other cryptos on hive-engine, and withdraw it as Hive from the exchange.
How can I get whitelisted?
Join, fill out the whitelist appliction form under `Profile` on the site. You'll be contacted in Discord.

Reselling on

How do I resell the artworks that I purchase on
After you have purchased art you have the ability to sell it or trade it. Trades are handled privately. If you'd like to sell it on the market simply click the piece of art in your collection, choose the `Sell` action from the menu, set a price and it will be on the market.
How do I cancel sales?
Under profile there is a `On Market` option. Choose that, and then select the art pieces you'd like to cancel. Selected art will become highlighted in the top right under `activities.` From there you can choose `cancel sale`.
If a sale goes through can it be reversed if I change my mind?
No. You can contact the buyer, but if they refuse there is no recourse.
What are the fees associated with reselling on
A 10% commission is taken by the exchange. So if you sell an art piece for 10 SWAP.HIVE and the art sells the seller will receive 9 SWAP.Hive.

Buying on

What am I buying?
You're buying a token that contains limited edition, collectible art by wonderfully talented artists. It may additionally contain full commercial rights, which allows you to reproduce the work for commercial (money making) purposes.
How does bidding work?
Bids are not yet operational, but as it becomes available collectors will bid on art they want to purchase. Once a collector bids on a piece of art a 24 hour timer is started. If no new bids come in the collector will successfully purchase the art. If a new bid comes in then it will cause the original bid to be refunded and the 24 hour timer will restart. This process will repeat until there is no additional bidder within a 24 hour period at which point the sale will go through.
Where do my purchased creations live?
There is a `collection` tab in the website. You can see all the art you own there. If you're looking for a more technical answer the tokens live on the Hive-Engine side chain in a layer 2 on top of the Hive blockchain.
Refund Policy
Fraudulent art from verified creators may be refunded up to the price the first owner paid. Otherwise, no, all sales are final.
Can I download or put this art on websites if I don't own it?
Yes, as long as it's not being used in a commercial endeavor. So, if you're blogging about it or sharing a picture on social media that's ok, but it is recommended to be respectful of the artist and ask permission. Attempting to sell this art without securing the rights is not in compliance with the Terms of Service.